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Terms & Conditions

By registering for a program or accepting a roster invite to a team I am acknowledging and agreeing to the following Terms & Conditions:

  1. I have the requisite skills, abilities, and training necessary for the safe use of the equipment, facilities,and to participate in the Activity. If I have any questions about the skills, abilities, or training necessary, I will direct my questions to BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY. Any determination made regarding my participation in the Activity is determined by me or in consultation with my physician, and I shall not rely on any statements or omissions from BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY.
  2. I am aware of and acknowledge reading and knowing all ofthe Policies and Procedures relating to BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY activities, facilities, and/or equipment and understand that the safe and proper use of the facilities, equipment or participation in the activity is dependent upon carefully following BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY’s Policies and Procedures. I agree to abide by the Policies and Procedures of BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY, and acknowledge that I have read, understood, and will abide by the rules of the Activity as outlined by BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY.
  3. I acknowledge that I have the physical fitness to engage in the Activity. I agree to remove myself from the Activity if I sense or observeany unusual hazard or unsafe condition or feel unable or unfit to safely continue participating in the Activity.
  4. I understand and acknowledge that slips, trips, falls and collisions occur, and injuries are a common and ordinary occurrence of BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY Activities. I also understand and acknowledge that risks, dangers, and hazards can exist throughout the Activity Premises and that hazards may be unmarked. I agree to read all posted signs, markingsand warnings or, if unable to, seek assistance to ensure I understand all posted signs, markings, and warnings posted around the Activity Premises.
  5. I accept sole responsibility for my personal possessions and athletic equipment and acknowledge that BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY is not responsible for any lost, stolenor damaged property.
  6. BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY attempts to ensure that all Activity Premises are safe and suitable for play. It is the responsibility of the captains and all participants to inspect the playing area prior to playing their game to ensure it is safe for play and to make their OWN decision regardingpersonal safety in terms of a scheduled Activity Premises, playing style, and transportation to a BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY league/event.
  7. I understand that my team captain is the only person who can approach the League Ambassador or the opposing captain regarding concerns surrounding the game. It is my responsibility to let my captain know my concerns so they can deal with the matter.
  8. I understand that if it is reported by the League Ambassador or an opponent that I have behaved in an unsporting manner or have not played by the Policies, Procedures, or rules, that I could be deregistered, suspended, or ejected from BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY, with no refund. I further acknowledge that BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY reserves the right to revoke my registration at any time for any reason.
  9. I authorize and consent to photographs and/or video being taken/recorded of me while participating in the Activity or while accessing the Activity Premises. I further authorize and consent to the publication of the photographs and/or video for advertising, promotion, and marketing purposes.
  10. I authorize BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY to collect and use personal information about me for the purpose of receiving communications (newsletters, publications, announcements, invitations, and other news or information) from BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY and posting articles of interest, newsletters, promotions, statistics, images, and results on BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY's website. This consent is in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). I understand that I may withdraw such consent at any time by contacting the BASKETBALL FACTORY ACADEMY.
  11. In accordance with Rowan's Law, I will review the provincial Concussion Awareness resources at least once a year.