House League Rules

  • 3 on 3 – 6 x 4 minute shifts
  • 5 on 5- 6  x 4 minute shifts
  • Jump ball to begin the game
  • Teams switch hoops on the 4th shift.
  • 7/9 & 9/10 Half court defense. (No full court press)
  • 11-13 Full press permitted
Free throws
    • foul shots granted in the fist half will be shot at half time
    • All foul shots granted in the second half will be shot at the end of the game.(regardless of score)


    • On ball fouls such as reaching, blocking, traveling, double dribble and self pass will be enforced
    • An explaination of a call will be given ONLY if the player the call was against asks for clarification.
    • Fouls Common fouls will be enforced in order to maintain game integrity and safety.
    • Fouls such as reach ins, blocking , charges, over the back(rebounding ), traveling, shooting and dribbling violations.

    Line violations:

      • Out of bounds will be marked by a solid line or broken line reinforced with cones markers.
      • Back court violation will be enforced in league play and play-offs

    Head Shots/Exceesive Fouls:

      • Players that make contact to another players head or in excessive unsportman like conduct will result in a technical foul. The opponent will shoot a technical. The clock will stop for this shot and possession will be awarded to the shooting team
    • We are excited to see that the players have strong support here are some guidelines to ensure the players continue to feel comfortable and confident.
    • We ask that calls aren’t criticized. Referees are going to make mistakes from time to time. We are striving to call the games with efficiency.
    • No sideline coaching to ensure the players give undivided attention to the team and play.
    • Continue to be the best support for the players!
    • Swearing, profanity or abusive language and/or actions will not be tolerated